Shoshana Brand, the authentic and kosher certified Gouda cheese

Shoshana Brand provides the authentic Gouda cheese. The cheese is locally made by a cheese farm close by to Staphorst, under the supervision of a shomer. Straight after making, the fresh cheese is directly delivered to Vebo Cheese in Woerden.

It is there that the cheeses are stored and traditionally matured. We have done so for many years, to be precise, since 1955. Maturing is a profession in its own right. It is a matter of experience, feeling, and, above all: to take one’s time. Only so can you create flavour. Taste and forbearance since 1955 encapsulates it all.

All that experience, and taste, are packaged together under the label Shoshana Brand. In addition, our cheeses only use kosher ingredients, and are prepared according to Jewish dietary laws. The entire production process is controlled by the Rabbinate. Our cheeses have the Kosher certificate, which you can recognize through the orange ORT stamp on the label.

Our Favourites

Shoshana brand has the tastiest types of Gouda cheese, from mild young to savoury mature. Our cheeses are, each, traditionally matured so as to achieve the optimal taste. Not only to be eaten on its own, or on bread, our Gouda cheeses are also suitable to use in your favorite dishes, or to serve during special holidays. All our cheeses vary individually per weight, from around 3 kilos (mature) to almost 6 kilos (young) per piece, and are available on our webshop.   

The Gouda Jong is only 4 weeks old when it leaves our warehouse. This cheese has a soft and creamy taste. It can be eaten on a sandwich, or by itself. Nonetheless, flavour wise, it shines best in a melted cheese-tomato sandwich.

Gouda Old

Gouda Matured

This robust cheese has lied to mature for 4 to 5 months, so it is rightly seasoned. This Gouda Belegen cheese has a firm and full flavor. Due to the maturation, this cheese is already quite savoury and, therefore, an ideal choice for a cheese fondue or grated over pasta.

Gouda Oud, a cheese matured for 12 to 14 months. Despite its age, it holds a nice and creamy texture. This Gouda Oud is full of crunchy maturation crystal. It is extra delicious with a good glass of red wine, or on a hearty sandwich. 

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Maturing is our profession: the art of maturing is to create flavor. When our Gouda cheese has just been made, it is not yet ready. It is paramount that the cheese is given enough time to develop flavor. That is why we put our cheese away in the warehouse, where the cheese is laid on beechwood planks.


When the cheese is laid on planks, something special happens. Due to the constant temperature, humidity and the air flow in the warehouse, the moisture evaporates from the cheese. This causes protein crystals to form in the cheese. These crystals provide a distinct taste. The older the cheese, the more protein crystals form, the fuller the flavor.

The art of maturation is the art of flavoring. Only when our Gouda cheese has the right taste and is at the desired age, can the cheese leave the warehouse. Thus, ripening is an important part of obtaining a distinctive flavor from Shoshana Brand’s cheeses.

Why choose Shoshana Brand

100% Certified Kosher

From milk to cheese, our Gouda cheese is 100% kosher. The preparation follows the Jewish dietary laws. The entire production process is controlled by the rabbinate. Our cheese is certified as can be identified by the orange ‘ORT’ * seal on the label.

Traditional preparation

Our Gouda cheese is made with love for the craft, and you can taste it. This fine quality cheese has been made since the sixteenth century, according to the same recipe with 100% meadow milk and matured on beechwood boards.

Quality cheese, reasonably priced

With Shoshana Brand you buy quality cheese for a fair price. Every whole cheese is weighed before it enters the webshop. The total price of each cheese is determined by weight and the current kilo price.

Order online with immediate shipping

At Shoshana Brand, you order cheese directly online. Your order is mostly shipped the same day, or, the day after at most. We ship our cheeses throughout the Netherlands. It is also possible to send your order to countries within and outside of Europe.

* Under Rabbinical Supervision


You can endlessly vary with Gouda cheese. Dutch cheese is a tasty addition on a cheese platter with foreign cheese. Consider, for such, our Gouda Geitenkaas (goat cheese) or the spicy Belegen. Furthermore, Gouda cheese always goes well in hot dishes. Simply grate it over pasta, as au gratin in an oven dish, or cozy together at the table with a cheese fondue.


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